There isn’t a lot of fighting in the Writers’ Room—except for when it comes to Blaine Menon. Every grade 3, 4 and 5 kid wants to work with Blaine. And, somehow, he manages to make time for all of them, checking in with everyone about their latest test or trip to the aquarium before settling down to help a small group of enthralled tutees. Blaine is patient, kind and jumps at a challenge—he even baked cookies with a large group of girls to demonstrate equivalent fractions! And it doesn’t hurt that the kids think he looks exactly like Brady from Pair of Kings.

Here’s what Mico, age 9, had to say about Blaine: 
“He’s helpful, because he inspires the students and he does lots of fun stuff and he’s funny and he’s an experienced man.”

Donna, age 10, was very excited to interview Blaine for this addition of Tutor of the Month. 

Donna: How old are you, Blaine?! 
Blaine: I’m 19! Though turning a whole two decades this July.  

Where are you from, Blaine?! 
I’m from Gig Harbor, Washington. I’m in Vancouver because I go to UBC. 

Why did you join Writers’ Room, Blaine?! 
To work with sweet kids like you, Donna! And to convince everyone I’m Brady from Pair of Kings.

Do you have pets? 
Yes, I have the most amazing dog at home. He is a five-year-old golden retriever and my best friend. 

Do you have any brothers or sisters? 
This is sort of complicated. I have two brothers and two sisters, though technically I’m an only child (go figure). I have an older step-brother who teaches math in Indiana, and an older step-sister who works at a retreat center in New York. I also how a younger brother (age 12) and sister (age 11) who are growing up faster than I can believe. I missed them when I went to school, so that's part of the reason I decided to tutor with elementary school kids. 

Where were you born?
Nashville, Tennessee, though I grew up most of my life in the Pacific Northwest! 

4/21/2012 11:33:14 pm

blaine is an amazing Man...who has also raised his mother. He reminds me daily to lead with my heart and that listening is the biggest gift you can give someone.

4/22/2012 03:15:21 am

he applying everything he 's learnt and from his heart!


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