The Writers’ Room has been open for a month, and the kids have now settled into routines and the Writers’ Room has become one of the most popular hangouts in school. Our after-school tutoring program is in full swing and we’ve already seen a wide range of awesome homework assignments that show up in the eager hands of our enthusiastic kids. And with all the classic kids’ books on our shelves, our volunteers are getting a big kick out of sharing their childhood favourites, making it a tough call on who’s having more fun—the kids or the tutors!

Of course, it’s not all business in the Writers’ Room—we do have banana-shaped pouches of tiled letters from which all kinds of fun spelling games spring! Oh, and what kid doesn’t love a birthday? In October, the wee ones had an amazing time colouring fantastical, multi-layered birthday cakes and drawing massive bunches of balloons in every colour of the rainbow to celebrate Writers’ Room donor Megan Abbott’s special day

In snack-time news, the popularity of green grapes has jumped out way ahead of red grapes, and carrot sticks are a hot trading commodity, but neither can top the popularity of the Pumpkin-N-Spice granola bars supplied so generously by Nature’s Path. Sharing is at an all-time high with this group, making homework no match for a table full of happy kids fuelled by healthy snacks and supported by fantastic tutors.

Sure, things get a little crazy in the Writers’ Room, as every kid has a story he or she wants to tell, but once those pencils and notebooks come out, the excitement in the room turns into the sweet sounds of furiously scrawling pencils and the occasional giggle from someone who just came up with the perfect title for her latest story. 

After our first month, we’re already looking forward to more stories, more snacks, and, of course, more games to come!

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