It’s spooky how much fun we had in the Writers’ Room this Halloween doing homework, making masks and writing stories. We had some games lined up (including “Monster Mash” musical chairs), but the kids were so into writing that they didn't want to play!

Here are a couple of their spooky tales:

Clara was walking her fish. It turned into a spider! Then Clara got a new pet. It was a werewolf. It turned into a bat! Clara met a cat dressed as a scarecrow.
—Clara, age 5

At Halloween night, Sebastian and his friends Anson, Kaydon, Ali and Michael went trick-or-treating. They had fun. Then suddenly, they saw a scary one. It was Mr. Hangman and he said, “Happy Halloween. Here’s some candy.” They liked those candies and said, “Thanks.” The next house was Lady Gaga’s. She had her own speaker so she put on some of her music, and a fake zombie popped up when you walked beside it. They loved the music, but the zombie scared them. But they went to Lady Gaga and said, “Awesome album,” and off they went to Dr. Seuss’s house. There was a skeleton body on a gurney, and they went in and rang the doorbell and he came and said, “Here’s my famous books, and you have a great Halloween,” and they said, “Thank you for your famous books.” 
—Sebastian, age 8

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