Jen is a freelance editor and the former managing editor of Color magazine. She began volunteering at the Writers’ Room two days per week, and when we needed a program assistant to start a new program, Jen stepped up her commitment to three days per week and helped a group of grade 6 and 7 kids create the Wednesday/Thursday Crew blog. She now spends almost every day with KidSafe kids, as she also runs GEMS, a KidSafe girls’ group at Nightingale Elementary!

Here’s how Francis, age 6, described meeting Jen, “We met her on the first day. Then she got our names. Now she helps me and Addy.”

Francis and Addy, age 7.5, interviewed Jen.

Francis and Addy: Do you like food?
Jen: I love food! In fact, I love it all so much that it’s hard for me to pick a favourite. If I had to pick something that I wouldn’t want to live without, it would have to be seafood.

Do you like to play?
I do. I like to play lots of different games, but not computer games. I’m more into board games or basketball or making up silly games with my friends.

Do you like to play outside?
You bet. Vancouver is the best city to live in because you can play outside all year. The rain can even make some games more fun.

Do you like to skate?
I can skate, but I can’t stop so I have to go round and round and round the rink until its time to go. Then I just crash into the boards. I’m sure you guys are way better skaters and stoppers than I am.

Do you like the Writers’ Room?
Of course! If it weren’t for the Writers’ Room, I would never have met you guys. Coming here is one of the best parts of my whole week. I love being read to and working on fun projects with you and all of our other buddies.

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