Last week, Bob Kronbauer, awesome editor-in-chief of Vancouver Is Awesome, dropped by the Wednesday/Thursday Crew to chat about their blog; answer questions about his own über-positive, über-popular site; and give them tips for how to improve the Wednesday/Thursday Crew blog.

What resulted was an internet show-and-tell, the kids showing Bob their favourite online past-times, and Bob sharing his own.

As a thank you, the kids wrote about Bob’s visit on their blog. Here's an excerpt:

[Bob] said that he chose to become a blogger because he likes Vancouver. He meets famous people and he interviews them. He checked out our own Wednesday/Thursday Crew Blog and had read it. That was pretty cool. We showed him Epic Rap Battles of History. We watched the videos and talked about how cool it was. We thought that the best one was Einstein vs. Stephen Hawking. Bob is such a nice guy because he donated us a camera, and we are so excited to use it and take pictures around our school. . . Thanks Bob! Vancouver is awesome and so are you!

Bob also wrote about his visit on his own site. Then the kids started posting some of the photos they took with the camera Bob donated, including this amazing stop-motion video! Then Bob wrote about that. So they’re pretty much blogging pen pals now. Which is truly awesome. Thanks so much for being a part of the Writers’ Room experience, Bob!

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