Caroline (left)
Caroline King worked in advertising before following her true passion: working with kids. She has trained as a Montessori teacher and has been a dedicated Writers’ Room volunteer since before the room even opened—she organized mountains of material onto neatly stacked shelves during the summer renovation. Caroline is now a staple tutor at our Wednesday after-school program. 

Here's what Jacky, age 5, had to say about Caroline, “I love her. She draws inside the lines. And she's good at cutting.”

Chelsea, age 8, interviewed Caroline for this edition of Tutor of the Month.

Chelsea: Where are you from?
Caroline: I am from the United States. I grew up in Minnesota, went to university in Ohio, lived in New York City for seven years, then Portland, Oregon, for three, and now I call Vancouver my home.

When is your birthday?
July 5.

What do you speak?
I speak English and a little bit of Spanish.

How old are you?
I am 35. . . but often I feel as though I’m 24.

Why do you have glasses?
So that I can see better!

Do you like volleyball?
I do like volleyball, however I'm not very good at it. The last time I played on a volleyball team was in junior high.

What sports do you play?
I back-country ski, bike, run, do yoga, hike and rock-climb.
Why do you feel like working here as a tutor?
I work as a tutor with Writers’ Room because I really enjoy spending time with children and helping them learn. It is so inspiring to be around so many creative, excited young minds.

Today, the Eco-Friendly Community Club from Burnett High School dropped by our after-school tutoring program with a donation of three gigantic boxes of kids’ books—and the club members stayed to read with the kids, too!

In the words of Winnie, one of the EFCC's founding members, “Our goal is to touch the souls of society through our sincerest actions. We hope to give back to the community and to connect with the works by starting with the closest people around us—the children, the elders, the friends, and the relatives.” Their generosity certainly touched the Writers’ Room kids today.

How excited were they?

Thank you so much, EFCC! We’ll be reading those books for a long time to come.