Finally, after three months of redecorating and two months of procrastinating putting up these photos, you can now check out the completed Writers’ Room in this handy-dandy before-and-after slideshow. Thank you so much to all of the generous donors who made this renovation possible. The kids really enjoy the new, creative space, and they have made it their own through their awesome artwork and writing that now lines the walls.
The very first guest author to run a writing workshop in the Writers’ Room was the courageous and poetic Fiona Tinwei Lam. In Fiona’s poetry workshop, the primary kids (and one brave tutor) donned brightly coloured socks on their hands and acted out Pablo Neruda’s “Ode to My Socks,” which inspired us to write odes of our own. 

Here’s one ode written by Angelo, grade 1:

Ode to the Moon
The moon is cool and the moon looks like games.
The moon looks like TV. I love the moon.
The moon is awesome.

Fiona not only enthralled us with one day of poetry, but she also left a batch of fantastic ideas for working poetry into our Writers’ Room lives. Thanks so much, Fiona!